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Anchors Aweigh


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This is a great patriotic song ot sing on holidays as it is the Navy's Song - Anchors Aweigh

Anchors Aweigh

C                  G     Am                 C            G7    C
Stand Nav - y    out to sea     fight our battle cry

F                 F#dim   C           F#dim   G7        
We’ll nev – er        change our         course so 

C              D/f#           D7        G7
viscious   foe steer   shy   y   y   y

C            G       Am         C      G7              C
Roll out the    T  N  T   an  - chors   a –weigh

F                 F#dim    C      C6     E7     Am
Sail    on    to          vic  -  to  -   ry      and

C                               G7                       C
Sink their bones to Davy Jones Hooray!!!