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Banana Boat Song


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This song also called "Day-O" is a work song from Jamaica in a banana growing area. - It has been played by Jamaican and South American bands for many years.Harry Bellafonte recorded it in 1956. It was sung by Banana loaders onto ships as they worked all night long.

Banana Boat Song

E               B7      E  
Day – O   Day – O

E                                     B                E
Day light come and I wanna go home

E                                                                                      B7              E
Day,     is a day,     is a day,        is a day ,       is a day ay ay - O, 

E                                    B7              E
Daylight come and I wanna go home

E                                                                                         B7             E
Work all night on a drink of rum  (daylight come and I wanna go home)

E                                                                                                   B7             E
Stack bananas till the morning come (Day light come and I wanna go home) 

E                                     B7                              E                               B7            E
Come Mister Tally Man tally me bananas  (daylight come and I wanna go home)
...2 Times

         E                                                        E                                B7            E
Lift    6 hand,  7 hand, 8 hand bunch,     (daylight come and I wanna go home)
.......2 times


    E                                                                                          B7            E
A beautiful bunch of ripe bananas   (daylight come and I wanna go home)

          E                                                                                      B7              E
They hide the deadly black tarantula  (daylight come and I wanna go home)

 E                                                                                                              B7             E
Clerk man checks but he checks with caution(daylight come and I wanna go home

       E                                                                                                 B7             E
My back is broke with sheer exhaustion  (daylight come and I wanna go home)


 E              B7                E                                     B7             E
Day – O  Day ay ay – O   Daylight come and I wanna go home  (4 times)