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Blue Tail Fly


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Jimmy Crack Corn

This song was obviously written during the episode of American history when slavery was in fashion in the south. Some of these slave era songs were considered a fun but normal thing to sing at the time

Blue Tail Fly - Also known as Jimmy Crack Corn

          G                      D7                                               G
When I was young I used to wait on master handing him his plate

                                             D7                                                        G
I brought his bottle when he was dry and brushed away the blue tail fly

 G                                   D7                                                                    G
Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care

G                                    C                         G              D7       G
Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care ole master's gone away


      G                             D7                                                     G
He used to ride each afternoon I used to follow with a hickory broom

                                   D7                                                   G
The pony kicked his legs up high when bitten by the blue tail fly…….


       G                        D7                                                       G
The pony jump, he run, he pitch he threw my master in a ditch

                                     D7                                                     G
My master died and who’ll deny the blame was on the blue tail fly


      G                                D7                                                        G
Ole master's dead and gone to rest, they say it happened for the best

                          D7                                            G
I won’t forget till I die , Ole massa and the blue tail fly…………CHORUS