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Dicey Reily


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Dicey Reily was a heavy drinking gal who had a lot of fun with the others around her.
She was a hot patooti and a great lover.
But, the years always get the better of the girls who think they are really hot.

Dicey Reily

     D                                           A                   D
Oh Poor old Dicey Riley she has taken to the sup
A                                           D
Poor old Dicey Riley she will never give it up
It's off each morning to the pub
And then she drops in for another little drop
            D                                           A   D
Oh the heart of the realm has Dicey Riley.

        D                                                             A                   D
She walks along Fitzgibbon Street with and Independent air
A                                                     D
Up and by the Summerhill and the people stop and stare
She says it's nearly half past one and it's time I had another little one
            D                                       A  D     
Ah the heart of the realm is Dicey Riley

D                                                                  A                    D
Long years ago when men were men and fancied female love
A                                              D
And lovely Becky Cooper and Maggie's merry one
One woman put them all to shame
Just one was worthy of the name
              D                                            A D
And the name of the dame was Dicey Riley

        D                                               A                     D
But time is catching up with her like many a pretty whore
A                                                              D
And it's out with you along the street before you're out the door
Their looks all fade in the bottom trade
But out of that whole brigade
       D                                         A D
The heart of the rowl has Dicey Riley