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Dirty Old Town


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This is a beautiful song that was written by Ewan McColl about the love and the hard edge living that a lot of people who have little money have to endure.

Dirty Old Town

by Ewan McColl

 I found my love, by the gas works wall,
                   C                               G
 Dreamed a dream, by the old canal,
 C               G                               
 Kissed my girl by the factory wall,
                D                        Em
 Dirty old town,     dirty old town

 I heard a siren from the dock
            C                               G
 Saw a train set the night on fire
 C                  G               
 Smelled the spring in the smoky wind
               D                        Em  
 Dirty old town,    dirty old town.

 Clouds are drifting     across the moon
                 C                        G
 Cats are prowling on their beat
 C              G
 Spring's a girl in the street at night
               D                        Em     
 Dirty old town,    dirty old town.

 I'm going to make     a good sharp axe
              C                                 G
 Shining steel, tempered in the fire
          C             G
 We'll chop you down like an old dead tree
               D                         Em 
 Dirty old town,     dirty old town.