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During the Civil War the South had this song as a rallying song. It praises the southern lifestyle and supports the supposed superiority of it. Daniel Emmet wrote this in the 1800's


I wish I was in the land of cotton  

Old times there are not forgotten ,

             D                                    A7                 D
Look away,  look away,  look away,  Dixie - land


In Dixie - land where I was born in , 

Early on one frosty morning 

            D                                     A7               D
Look away , look away, look away, Dixie - land


D                               G               E7         A7
Then I wish I was in Dixie,  hooray,  hooray 

     D                       G                           D                     A7
In Dixie - land I’ll take my stand to live and die in Dixie

         D                  A7                                                  
A  -  way ,    A  -  way,        

A  -  way  down south in    Dixie

         D                   A7                   
A  -  way,      A   - way,          

         D                                A7    D
A  -  way  down south in    Di  -  xie