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Donegal Danny


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Donegal Danny was a tramp who had been a sailor - he had a hard time of it all and with a pint of beer told his story to those who had gathered around him at the warm fire in the pub.

Donegal Danny

 C                            F             C
So here's to those that are dead and gone
The friends that I left here
C                                          F               C
 And here's to you then I'll bid you adieu
                         G                     C             Am
 Since Donegal Danny's been here me boys,
F             G                    C 
Donegal Danny's been here


C                                           F            C
 I remember the night when he came in
        F                                      C
 The evening was stormy and damp
A giant of a man in an oilskin coat
                                F                           G
And a bundle which showed he was a tramp
      C                               F                 C 
 He stood at the bar and called for a pint
        F                                    C
 And turned to gaze into the fire
 On a night like this to be safe and warm
           F                     G
 Is my hearts only desire
  C                                    F                   C
 Then in a voice that was hushed and low
     F                                      C
He said: "listen I'll tell you a tale
How a man of the sea became a man of the road
                           F           G
 And never more will get sail
        C                              F           C
 I've fished out of Howth and Killybegs,
  F                            C
  Ardglass and Baltimore
                                   Am                         F                                C 
 But the cruel sea has beaten me and I'll end me days on the shore

 C                                   F                     C  
 One fateful night in the wind and the rain
            F                            C
We set sail from Killybeys town,
There were five of us from sweet Donegal
                       F           G      
 And one from County Down,
C                                      F                C
We were fishermen who worked the sea
        F                            C                            
And never counted the cost

But I never thought'ere that night was done
             F                                     C
That my fine friends would all be lost

C                                                              F               C
 Then the storm it broke and drove the boat to the rocks about
  F                     C
 Ten miles from shore,
As we fought the tide we hoped inside to
               F                  G
 See our homes once more
C                                         F              C
 Than we struck a rock and holed the bow
       F                     C
And all of us knew that
 She'd go down so we jumped right into
                          F                                          C
The icy sea and prayed to God we wouldn't drown

 But the raging sea was rising still as we struck out for the land