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Dublin Saunter


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This song is a real favorite at Kenny's pub where people are cavorting and pitching woo as well as singing and dancing to this song. The crowd loves this song and so does Tony the barman and his girlfriend, oh and his wife does as well.

Dublin Saunter

I've been North and I've been

South I've been East and West

I've been just a rolling stone

Yet there's one place on this earth

I've always loved the best

Just a little town I call my own
 Oh Dublin town be heaven with coffee at eleven

 And a stroll on Stephen's Green

 There is no need to hurry

 There is no need to worry

 You're a king and the lady's a queen

 You're off to see the wonderland

 There's magic in the air

 There's diamond's in the lady's eyes

 And daisies in her hair

 If you don't believe me come yourself to meet me

 There in Dublin on a sunny summer morning

 I've been here and I've been there

 I saw some rainbow ends

 But no pot of gold I found

 Now I know that come what will

 Whatever fate may send

 Here my roots are deep in friendly ground