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For Me And My Gal


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Words & Music by Edgar Leslie, E. Ray Goetz &George W. Meyer 1917  Recorded by Judy Garland & Gene Kelly, 1942

For Me And My Gal

 G  Am7   G/B     D7    Am7      D7 D9         D7  G   Am7alt   G
The bells are    ring - ing      for me and my gal,

Am7  D9   Am7  D7    Am7  D7         D9          D7  G
The birds are sing - ing           for me and my gal.

G    G/F#        B7                                   
Ev'rybody's been know - ing 

Em       B+       Em7
To a wedding they're go - ing,       

Em6                    A7    Em7   A7
And for weeks they've been sew - ing,     

Gdim       D7  Am7  D7
Ev'ry     Susie and Sal

Am7        D9  Am7   D7   Am7 
They're con- gre - ga - ting   

D7   D9         D7  G   Am7alt   G
For me and my gal

Am7  D9   Am7  D7     Am7  D7     D9     D7  B7
The par -son's wait - ing     for me and my gal.