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Galway Shawl


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A fella was walking along and he saw a girl that caught his fancy.

She wore no makeup but had a Galway shawl on her shoulders.

Finally she invited him into her home where he met her parents...

Galway Shawl

G                                         Bm
At Oranmore in the county Galway,

                      Em                   A7           C    D7
One pleasant evening in the month of May,

  G                                                        Bm
I spied a damsel, she was young and handsome,

                   Em                 D7         G   C   G
Her beauty fairly took my breath away.

G                                                Bm 
She wore no jewels, nor costly diamonds,

                     Em             A7        C   D7
No paint nor powder no one at all,

G                                                        Bm                        
But she wore a bonnet with ribbons on it,

         Em            D7                          G  C      G 
And around her shoulders was the Galway shawl.

G                                                   Bm 
We kept on walking, she kept on talking,

            Em                              A7    C    D7
'Till her father's cottage came into view,

        G                                             Bm
Said she, Come in sir and meet my father,

       Em       D7                          G  C      G 
And play to please him, "The Foggy Dew."


G                                                  Bm
She sat down beside the hearth stone,

            Em                               A7        C     D7
I could see her father he was six feet tall,

      G                                                  Bm                        
And soon her mother had the kettle singing,

     Em       D7                       G  C      G 
 All I could think of was the Galway Shawl.