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I Want A Girl


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written by Will Dillon and Harry Von Tilzer back in 1911 - It is a strongly popular oldie but goodie.

I want A Girl

C    C7              F      F#dim
I    want a girl just like the girl

         C       Am     D9      G7     C    C
Who mar - ried    dear  old  Dad

F     F#dim             C            A7
She was a pearl and the only girl

         D7       D9   G7
That Daddy ever had

  C                                              G            E7
A real old fashioned girl with heart so true

Am                                   E    B7  G7     
One who loves nobody else but you,   


      C   C7               F    F#dim
Oh  I   want a girl just like    the girl

         C        Am      D9    G7   C    
That mar - ried    dear  old  Dad