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I'll Tell My Ma


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This is a popular pub song from Belfast in Northern Ireland where the girl is chased by the boys and they all want to have her for their girlfriend. She is cute and shy so that doesn't happen as easily as they think. She likes the boy with the roving eye better.

I'll Tell My Ma

This is a must to play in Irish pubs.
Here are the chords and lyrics for this old traditional Irish folk song

 I'll tell my ma when I go home
         C                                 D
 The boys won't leave the girls alone
 They pulled my hair and they stole my comb
        C                        D
 But that's alright 'til I go home.


 G                           C             
 She is handsome she is pretty
 G                           D
 She is the belle of Belfast City
 G                      C
 She is courting 1, 2, 3,
 G                          D         G
 Please won't you tell me who is She?  CHORUS
 G                         C 
 Here she comes as white as snow
 G                                      D
 Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
 G                                C
 Oh Jenny Murray she says she'll die
           G                        D                     G
 If she doesn't get the fellow with the roving eye  CHORUS
 Let the wind and rain and the hail blow high
              C                               D
 And thesnow come tumbling from the sky
 She's as nice as apple pie
 C                                  D
 She'll get her own lad by and by 
 When she gets a lad of her own
         C                              D
 She won't tell her ma 'til she comes home
 G                           C
 Let them all come as they will
             G        D           G
 For it's Albert Mooney she loves still  CHORUS