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In Apple Blossom time


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Words & Music by Neville Fleeson & Alvert Von Tilzer, 1920 Recorded by The Andrews Sisters, 1941 Also recorded by Tab Hunter, 1957 (#31)

In Apple Blossom Time

C                             Em
I'll be with you in apple blossom time

F                             C                                    Gdim
I'll be with you to change your name to mine.

G7           Gdim    G7           C                Ebm   A7    
One day  in          May,      I'll  come   and    say,

 D        Dmaj7  D                    
"Hap - py        the   bride 

        D7    G7        Cdim     C#dim     G7   
The sun  shines   on         to   -        day."

C                                 Em
What a wonderful    wedding there will be.

F                                E                          E7
What a wonderful  day for you and me.

A7                 Adim    A7         D7         C#7    D7
Church bells will      chime,   you will be      mine

D     Fm6   G7      D7      G7     C   …   
In    ap  -   ple     blos - som   time.

C   Fm  Fm6  Cmaj7  Play again   (end on C)