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Mingulay Boat Song


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Mingulay is the second southernmost island in the Hebrides chain of the
 Island chain west of Scotland. This is considered to be a rowing shanty

Mingulay Boat Song

(This is the Chorus)

 D      G           D         G                          D                 G               C        G
 Il ya ho boys Let ‘er go boys bring her head ‘round in - to the weather
D        G             D          G                      D                                G
 Hil ya ho boys, Let her go boys sailing homeward to Mingu - lay
 D               G            D             G                            D         G           C     G
 What care we how white the Minch is What care we for wind or weather
D              G                      D        G                      D                            G
 Bring her round boys for every inch is wearing homeward to Mingulay
 D        G          D         G                         D               G         C    G
 Far behind us hills of Quinlon, Soon before us the hills of heather
D            G                       D          G                         D                          G
 And you know boys the candles glow boys In the windows of Mingulay
 D              G           D         G                       D            G            C     G
 Wives are waiting on the bank or looking seaward from the heather
D              G                        D              G                      D                          G
 Bring her round boys and then we’ll anchor E’er the sun sets on Mingulay