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M. T. A. Song


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A fella went down to the MTA train and when he got there he found out he had to pay a nickle to get off the train after he had already paid to get on - he was very unhappy as now he had to live on the train as he had no money to pay this extra fare.

The M.T.A. Song

                   G                                   C
Well let me tell you a story ‘bout a man named Charlie    

                G                              D7                
On a trag-ic and fate-ful day  

                    G                                                 C
He put ten cents in his pock-et, kissed his wife and family,

               G                D7     G
Went to ride  on the M. T. A 


   Well, did he ever return no he never returned

                G                     D           D7
    And his fate is still  unlearned      

                 G                                          C
    He may ride for – ev – er ‘neath the streets of Bost – on

                  G             D7          G
    He’s the man who nev-er re-turned


               G                                       C
Char-lie handed in his dime at the Kendall Square Station,

           G                              D         D7
Got a train for Jamaica Plains

                 G                                                   C
When he got there the conductor told him One more nickel! 

                G                  D7        G
Char-lie could-n’t get off  that train  CHORUS


          G                                  C
Now all night long  Char-lie rides through the the sta-tion

                G                                D    D7              
Crying, “What will be-come of me

               G                                 C
How can I af-ford to see my sist-er in Chel-sea

           G             D7       G
Or my cous-in in Roxbury? CHORUS


                G                                   C
Charlie’s wife goes down  to the Kendal Square Station

            G                             D     D7          
Every day at quarter past two

And through the op-en window she hands

C                                            G               D7         G
Charlie a sandwich   as the  train goes rumblin through


                G                                           C
Now you citizens of Boston don’t you think it’s a scandal

                G                                  D     D7                    
How the people have to pay and pay

                G                                    C
Fight the fare in-crease Fight the fare in-crease

                G                     D7      G
Get poor Charlie off the M   T   A