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My Bonnie


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A guy has a problem with his girl living somewhere over the ocean. This song in it's original form has been sung by just about everyone who speaks English at one time or another. Roger Chartier has written some new lyrics to add to the whole fiasco.
It is an easy song to play as it is only five chords - C, D, F, A7 and G7.

My Bonnie

trad: arranged and additional lyrics by Roger Chartier

      C               F             C                    D                           G7     
My Bonnie lies over the ocean       My Bonnie lies over the sea

      C                F            C       A7     D7                 G7           C  
My Bonnie lies over the ocean        Bring back my Bonnie to me

 C                F        D           G7                                  C        
Bring back, bring back, Oh bring back my Bonnie to me, to me

  C7               F         D             G7                                           C 
Bring back, bring back, oh bring back my Bonnie to me

          C             F                      C                    D                                        G7
I had eyes for  Captain Ted’s daughter He pointed and called me by name

      C                  F               C      A7        D7            G7          C 
He said she’s got a big  belly        and sailor your surely to blame 



C               F                  C              D                                     G7 
Later she showed us a baby  the mates spittin’ image was he

   C                    F                    C        A7     D7             G7                  C
 I laughed and danced in the foc’sle        I really had thought it was me



       C              F               C                               D             G7
Last night as I lay in the foc’sle last night as I lay on my bed

   C            F              C           A7       D7              G7                C
I stuck my feet out the porthole,      by morning the seagulls were dead