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Nancy Whiskey


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The guy worked as a weaver for years saving money and then finally took off for a vacation. He went to London and there fell into drinking whiskey. He spent almost all of his money and had to go home to work another seven years to try it all again

Nancy Whiskey

     G                                    C              D
O, seven long years have I have been weaving
   G                             C         D
A weaving me a new suit of clothes
G                                         C     D
And so when I saved me a little money
G                                   C           D
I took a ramble as you may suppose.

    G                             C         D
O whiskey, whiskey, Nancy Whiskey
 G                            D         C          
Whiskey, whiskey, Nancy-o.

G                                 C           D 
As I was going up fair London city
           G                       C                D
Young Nancy Whisky I chanced to smell
       G                              C            D
So I thought it proper to call and see her
       G                                  C              D
For seven long years I had loved her well CHORUS

  G                                           C          D    
I stepped up boldly, knocked at her window
       G                                C             D
And asked her pardon for being so free,
       G                                       C        D
She said: Young man, you are kindly welcome
          G                                      C          D
Come in, sit down and keep me company CHORUS

G                              C          D
And when I woke all in the morning
G                          C                     D
I found myself on some strange bed
G                                C          D
I tried to dress but I was not able
G                                       C        D
For Nancy Whisky had me by the head  CHORUS

G                                 C        D
I boldly call-ed for the waitress
G                                         C           D
And what's the reckoning I have to pay?
G                      C        D
Thirty shillings and a sixpence
G                                  C           D
Come pay it down and go your way CHORUS

G                         C       D
I put my hand all in my pocket
G                               C        D
And I paid it down in ready coin
G                                  C        D
And when I'd paid out all her reckoning
G                                            C            D
It brought my store down to one half-crown CHORUS

G                              C           D
As I went down fair London city
G                                     C         D
I chanced to meet with a gentleman
G                                  C            D
Along with him I spent two and tuppence
G                                     C                 D
Which brought me down to one four-pence CHORUS

G                          C                    D
All I've left now is that one four-pence
G                            C             D
The very last of my precious store
G                       C         D
I'll go back and see my Nancy
G                                C             D
Then I'll go home and work for more CHORUS

G                            C        D
Then I'll go back unto my weaving
G                                 C                D
And there I'll work for seven long years
G                        C        D
And if I live for another seven
G                                   C        D
I'll go back any find my Nancy dear CHORUS

G                                             C          D
So come all you weavers now take a warning
G                                           C        D
When you leave off working at the loom
G                              C           D
For of all the girls in London city
G                                     C                D
Young Nancy Whisky will prove your ruin.  CHORUS