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The Cobbler


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So the guy had a job as a cobbler fixing shoes - he had a wife who was a major pain so he dumped her in the river.

The Cobbler

(A favorite Irish Song with lyrics and chords)

        D                         A7               D
  Oh me name is Dick Darby, I'm a cobbler
 I served me time at the old camp
           D               G       D
 Some call me an old agitator
                         A7              D
 But now I'm resolved to repent
                D                    A7                   D
 With me intwing of an ingthing of an iday
 With me intwing of an ingthing of an iday
                D                   G                  D
 With me roo boo boo roo boo boo randy
                                         A7           D
 And me lab stone keeps beating away

               D                 A7                    D
 Now my father was hung for sheep stealing
 Me mother was burned for a witch
        D            G                   D
 My sister's a dandy housekeeper
        A7                        D
 And I'm a mechanical switch CHORUS
           D               A7                D
 Ah it's forty long years I have traveled
 All by the contents of me pack
      D                      G                   D
 Me hammers, me awls, and me pincers
   D                 A7          D         
 I carry them all on me back CHORUS
             D               A7                  D
 Oh my wife she is humpy, she's lumpy
 My wife, she's the devil, she's cracked
              D                 G             D 
 And no matter what I may do with her
       D                       A7         D 
 Her tongue it goes clickety clack CHORUS
            D              A7                   D   
 It was early one fine summer's morning
 A little before it 'twas day
    D                         G                 D
 I dipped her three times in the river
        D              A7                       D
 And carelessly bade her "Good day" CHORUS