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The Dying Rebel


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This is a very sad song about the death of a rebel.

The Dying Rebel

( Traditional Irish lyrics and chords)

        C                            F         C
The night was dark, the battle ended,
        C                   F                         C
 The moon shown down O'Connell street,
   Am        C                      F                C
 I stood alone where our brave men perished,
           C               G               F          C
 These men have gone their God to meet.
       C                      F         C 
 My only son was shot in Dublin,
  C                      F            C
 Fighting for his country bold,
      Am             C                       F           C
 He fought for Ireland and for Ireland only,
        C              G               F                          C
 The harp and shamrock, green white and gold.

        C                          F                 C
 The first I met, was a grey haired father,
C                          F      C
 Searching for his only son,
   Am         C                       F          C
 I said old man, so there's no use searching,
         C      G        F                 C   
 Your only son to heaven has gone    CHORUS: 

      C                            F          C
 My God he cried, I am broken hearted,
       C                            F         C
 My God he cried, going on his knees,
    Am          C            F           C
 I knew my son was too kindhearted,
    C            G               F        C
 I knew my son would never yield     CHORUS 

        C                        F       C
 The last I met was a dying rebel,
  C                     F              C
 Bending low, I heard him say,
        Am           C          F               C
 God bless my home in dear Cork city,
        C              G             F           C
 God bless the cause for which I die     CHORUS