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The Holy Ground


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So the guys are on the ship ready to depart and the girls are on shore waving good bye. The fellas aboard the vessel all cry out together "Fine Girl You Are" probably to give the girls a reason to stay true to them while they are away at sea. In any case it really happened some say in County Cork at the dock.

The Holy Ground

The Holy Ground
(traditional Irish song with lyrics and chords)

                  D           A7      D                           A7        D
  Fare thee well my lovely Dinah a thousand times adieu

                             A                    G
 For we're going away from the Holy Ground

                D                     A7
 And the girls we all love true
              D          A7            D                       A7         D
 We will sail the salt seas over and we'll return for sure

      G              D   G     D                                  A7                 D     
 To see again the girls we love and the Holy Ground once more
(Everyone shouts) "Fine girl you are!"

 D                         A7    G     A7          G             D  G        D
 You're the girl I do  ado - re    and still I live in  hopes to see

                 A7                 D        
 The Holy Ground once more   (Everyone shouts) "Fine girl you are!"

        D           A7         D                            A7         D 
 Oh now the storm is raging and we are far from shore

                               A       G                                  D                  A7
 And the good old ship is tossing about and the rigging is all tore

               D        A7      D                                            A7   G    A7
 And the secret of my mind my love you're the girl I do ado - re

         G            D  G       D                A7                        D
 And still I live in hopes to see the Holy Ground once more

  (Everyone shouts) "Fine girl you are!" ............................CHORUS

        D             A7          D                       A7           D
 And now the storm is over and we are safe and well

                    A7       G                         D                       A7   
 We will go into  a  public house and sit and drink our fill

              D                  A7        D                                A7      G   A
 We will drink strong ale and porter and make the rafters roar

        G                   D    G    D                             A7           D
 And when our money  is  all spent we'll go to sea once more

  (Everyone shouts) "Fine girl you are!" .................................CHORUS