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The Maid Of Sweet Brown Knowe


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A guy was interested in getting together with a lovely maiden but she sort of read him the riot act and he got the message - forget it. He had money but she didn't like the way that he spent it

The Maid Of Sweet Brown Knowe

D                                  G                A7          D       G  
Come all you lads and lassies and listen to me a while
D                        Bm         G                                          A7
I'll sing to you a verse or two that'll surely make you smile
D                   Bm                       A7    
Concerning a young man I am going to tell you now
               D                    G                  A7               D                   G
Who has lately come a courting the maid of the sweet brown knowe.

D                                       G                              A7       D             G
This young man says "My pretty maid, will you come along with me?
D                   Bm     G                                     A7
We'll both fly off together and happy we will be
D                                 Bm                               A7
We'll join our hands in wedlock bands as I'm speaking with you now
            D                    G                       A7               D                    G
And I'll do me best endeavour for the maid of the sweet brown knowe."

D                                     G              A7            D           G    
This fair and fickle young thing she knew not what to say
D                                    Bm         G                                 A7
Her eyes did shine like diamonds bright and merrily did play
D                          Bm                             A7  
She says "Young man, your love's subdued, for I'm not ready now
              D                    G                     A7               D                   G
And I'll spend another season at the foot of the sweet brown knowe."
D                                      G                           A7          D       G  
The young man said "My pretty maid, how can you answer so?
D                               Bm      G                                          A7
See down in yonder valley where my crops do gently grow
D                       Bm                  A7  
Down in yonder valley I have horses, men and plough
                    D                    G                A7               D                   G
And they're at their daily labor for the maid of the sweet brown knowe."
D                                    G                     A7  D       G  
"If they're at their daily labor, kind sir, 'tis not for me
D                                Bm        G                             A7
I've heard of your behavior, I have indeed", says she
D                                   Bm                          A7  
"There is an inn where you call in and I've heard the people say
                D                                    G                                A7               D            G
That you rap and you call and you pay for all and come home at the break of day."

D                                    G                       A7          D       G    
"If I rap and I call and I pay for all, me money is all me own
D                               Bm                G                             A7
I'll never spend your fortune for I hear that you have none
D                                      Bm                         A7  
You thought you had me poor heart won by meeting with me now
              D                         G                         A7               D                   G
But I'll leave you where I found you at the foot of the sweet brown knowe."