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Waxies Dargle


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A song of misery, fun, starvation and a good laugh all together in one lovely tune.

Waxies Dargle

         D                      G                                                               
Says my aul' wan to your aul' wan"
Will ye come to the Waxies dargle?"
Says your aul' wan to my aul' wan,
             A                   D
"Sure I haven't got a farthing.

I've just been down to Monto town
                         G  A7
To see Uncle McArdle
            D                G     
But he didn't have half a crown
           A                          D
For to go to the Waxies dargle."

What are ye having, will ye have a pint?
                                          G     A
Yes, I'll have a pint with you, sir,
           D                           G
And if one of us doesn't order soon
               A                           D
We'll be thrown out of the boozer.

         D                     G                   
Says my aul' wan to your aul' wan
"Will ye come to the Galway races?"
Says your aul' wan to my aul' wan,
                A                D  
"With the price of my aul' lad's braces.

I went down to Capel Street
                                    G    D7 
To the Jew man moneylenders
               D                            G
But they wouldn't give me a couple of bob on
     A                   G       
My aul' lad's suspenders."CHORUS

  D                      G
Says my aul' wan to your aul' wan
"We have no beef or mutton
But if we go down to Monto town
       A                 D               
We might get a drink for nuttin'"

Here's a piece of good advice
                                 G      A7
I got from an aul' fishmonger:
                        D                      G
"When food is scarce and you see the hearse
         A                                   G
You'll know you have died of hunger.