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We Shall Overcome


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This song is similar to a song written in 1900 called "I'll Overcome Some Day" by Phildadelphia's Reverend Charles Albert Tindley..

We Shall Overcome

C             F              C                          F              C
We shall o – ver - come     We shall o – ver - come    

               F     G         Am    D7          G      D7   G      Dm7  G7
We shall o  -  ver -  come some  -  day________  Oh     Oh

          C         F        C     F    G   G7      Am
Deep  in my heart         I     do   be  -  leive

 C            F             C        G7     C    F   C
We shall o - ver    come some day

C                F            C                             F          C
We’ll walk hand in hand      we’ll walk hand in hand

                  F       G    Am    D7       G     D7    G       Dm7  G7   
We’ll walk hand in   hand some  day__________Oh    Oh

C        F        C              F    G   G7      Am
Deep  in my heart       I     do   be  -  leive

 C            F              C        G7   C     F        C
We shall o - ver    come some day