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White Orange And Green


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A proud young Irish girl carried the banner of white, orange and green and when confronted by a British soldier she told him he couldn't take it from her as she would die for that banner - so he just gave up. She was only 16 and probably too cute to shoot.

White Orange and Green

G                                                 C           G
In the Boal Gouty Mountains, so far far away,
                                        Em                    D
I will tell you a story that happened one day,
   G                                C           D
About a young girl her age was 16
              G            Em                   C                 G
And she carried a banner white, orange and green

G                                                  C                 G
And a young English soldier was passing her way,
                                                 Em             D  
He saw the young girl with her banner so gay,
G                                              C               D
He laughed and joked and got off his machine,
     G              Em                    C                  G 
He turned to capture white, orange and green,

G                                                   C                 G
Oh you cant have my banner the young girl replied,
                                                        Em                D
Till your blood and my blood on the Boal Gouties lie,
G                                   C           D
I am a rebel and that's nothing mean,
            G                  Em                  C                 G
And I'd lay down my life for white, orange and green

G                                                         C                    G
And the young English soldier turned white as the snow,
                                        Em              D
Got on his machine and away he did go
G                                C                       D
For there's no use in fighting a girl of 16
                   G            Em                   C                G
Who would die for a banner white, orange and green