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Wild Mountain Thyme


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This is an old traditional Irish song that was made famous in America by the "Byrds". Roger McGuinn sang it and I fell in love with Irish music after hearing this song.

Wild Mountain Thyme

               D          Em       D                      G                            F#m
  Oh the summer time is comin' and the leaves are sweetly bloomin'

               G     F#m        Bm                   Em                          G  
 And the wild mountain thyme grows around the bloomin' heather

              D     G        D
 Will you go, lassie, go?
                      G            F#m               G     F#m         Bm    
       And we'll all go together to pull wild mountain thyme

              Em                           G                         D    G         D
       All around the bloomin' heather will you go, lassie, go?


         D             Em     D                   G                  F#m
 I will build my love a house by yon pure crystal fountain

        G      F#m     Bm                Em                  G
 And on it I    will place all the flowers of the mountain

               D   G         D
 Will you go, lassie, go?...CHORUS

          D           Em      D                   G                  F#m
 I will build my love a tower by yon pure flowing river

              G             F#m    Bm               Em                         G  
 And the thing her heart desires  Is a thing I'll someday give her

               D    G       D
 Will you go, lassie, go?   CHORUS

          D       Em           D                 G                      F#m 
 I will range thru the wild and the deep glen sae drearie

           G      F#m       Bm                Em                G
 And return with the spoils to the bower of my dearie

              D    G         D
 Will you go, lassie, go?  ...CHORUS

          D             Em           D                     G               F#m
 If my true love she were gone  then I'd surely find another

                   G    F#m         Bm                    Em                          G
 Where the wild mountain thyme  grows around the bloomin' heather

              D    G        D
 Will you go, lassie, go?...CHORUS