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Will The Circle Be Unbroken


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This song was written in 1907, lyrics by Ada R Habershon and music by Charles Gabriel

Will The Circle be Unbroken

G                                                              C                           G
Will the circle be unbroken   bye and bye lord bye and bye
There’s a better world a waiting in the sky Lord in the sky

G                                                          C                         G  
I was standing by my window on a cold and cloudy day
                                                                                         D              G
When I saw that hearse come rollin’ for to carry my mother away

G                                                       C                              G
Lord I told that undertaker, undertaker please drive slow
                                                               D                         G
For this body that you’re haulin Oh I hate to see her go …CHORUS


  G                                                       C                        G
I followed close behind her, tried to hold up and be brave
                                                                                        D         G
But I could not hide my sorrow when they laid her in the grave CHORUS   G                                                                      C                         G
I went home, my home was lonely, now my mother she was gone
                                                                                D             G
All my brothers, sisters crying what a home so sad and alone ..CHORUS